Refused Canada Visitor Visa

For people who REFUSED Canada Visitor, Study, Work, PR or Refugee applications in the past.

Why is a Visa Refused or Denied?

There are various reasons why a Visa application may be denied or refused. These reasons include the following:

  • Having a criminal record;
  • Being involved in activities that are not allowed in Canada;
  • Providing false or incomplete information on the application;
  • Lack of sufficient financial resources in the country of residence;
  • Not providing enough documents to prove the purpose of the visit to Canada;
  • Not providing enough documents to prove ties to the country of residence.

How to deal with Canada Visitor Visa refusal?

Applying for a Canada Visitor Visa can be one of the most challenging processes, especially when meeting Canada Immigration Office instructions and deadlines. It involves a lot of paperwork, effort, and preparation. Unsurprisingly, many people get their visa applications refused for various reasons. However, you should not give up, and everybody realizes it is better to hire a Visa Refusal Representative to overcome the issues because it is a passionate choice to handle everything legitimately regarding getting the Canada Visa. Canada Visa Login (CVL) specialists have legal strategies to increase your chances of getting approved for a Canada Visitor Visa.

How to appeal a refused Canada Visitor Visa?

If your visa application is refused, there is no official appeal. However, two options are reapplying for a new visa application or submitting a Judicial Review application at the Federal Court of Canada.

🙋‍♀️ Good luck in this journey, and remember to take advantage of the Canada Visa Login (CVL) Specialists to progress your applications. 🇨🇦

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In order to reapply new application for a Refused Visa, you can get 0% APR payment plans on the service fees. Please read the Terms of Agreement before applying:

0% APR Offer is valid on qualifying orders of eligible Canada Visa Login (CVL) services at The 0% APR payment plan is available only for the Canada Visa Login (CVL) “Service Fees”. The “Immigration Fees” and “Biometrics Fees” will be charged on the first payment. Financing offers may vary from time to time and may be amended or cancelled at any time. Provided financing and all transactions are subject to approval by the CVL management team.

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